Social Media Marketing


551 Prudence Street, Detroit


February 02, 2021

01 —

The Introduction.

Mystic Beauty is the best beauty products line with fair prices, good quality, and no harmful ingredients.

We believe that business can be a force for good in society, so we are committed to empowering women and girls worldwide by providing them with education on starting their small businesses.

Mystic Beauty also believes that everyone deserves beautiful skin, so they use only natural ingredients, without any harmful chemicals or synthetics, so you can feel confident about what you’re putting on your body.

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The Challenge.

Mystic beauty required an advertising campaign to raise awareness about its products and provide more opportunities for less fortunate people.

They needed help with social media marketing or brochures because they wanted people from all walks of life to use their unique products!

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Our Approach.

Mountech Marketing Agency has been working with Mystic Beauty for the past year, helping them grow their audience and reach even more women. We designed advertising materials that were creative and informative on our client’s products to help build excitement around them!

Mountech was happy when we found out how much difference consistent marketing had made in such a short period; they were able to double sales within one month after implementing our marketing strategies into their business.

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The Deliverables.