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3496 Brookside Drive, Jasper


June 11, 2020

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The Introduction.

Blogy is the best scrapbook for beginners. It has everything you need to get started and learn how to make memories last forever with a scrapbook that reflects your personality and interests.

You can create a photo album of all your favorite memories in no time, which will help you read faster and comprehend more difficult material because you’re motivated by what’s important to you.

With Blogy, it’s easy to organize photos, share them online or on social media, combine digital images with real ones from printed paper albums or even 3D objects like jewelry and origami flowers!

02 —

The Challenge.

Blogy would like to show their customers and fans what they are all about. This includes showing off the company logo, branding with personal colors/style, as well as showcasing products in attractive packaging that will appeal both visually and because of its practicality when storing items over time!

03 —

Our Approach.

With Mountech’s help, Blogy was able to show their scrapbooks in unique and different ways that entertained customers while also helping them increase conversion rates. The sales skyrocketed with our team specialist on boards by your side!

Blogy has never seen such record-breaking success for this company before; it will only get better from here as long as we keep working together as old friends do.

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The Deliverables.