Bite Kitchen Food & Cooking


Advertisement & Management


379 Sunset Drive, Eustis


January 17, 2021

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The Introduction.

Bite Kitchen is a restaurant depicting the legendary grandeur of glorious and noble food. A vivid and conspicuous realization of the glory of our brilliant esthetical essence.

Bite Kitchen’s dishes are made with love by people who genuinely care about making every dish as good as it can be, from ingredients that we believe in sourcing locally and responsibly when possible.

We offer a variety of lunch and dinner menus, but you’ll find bite-sized snacks on our appetizer menu for those looking to munch before or after their meal–or for anyone just looking to satisfy an itch!

02 —

The Challenge.

Bite Kitchen wanted to do Social Media Advertising and Management for their business to reach a broader audience on all of the company’s social media platforms.

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Our Approach.

Bite Kitchen is a restaurant with one goal: make you happy. They want their customers to enjoy delicious food in an enjoyable environment, and they know that only happens when people share their happiness on social media!

That’s why instead of focusing solely on Instagram, where posts tend not just be about what goes into dishes but also show off good customer service from staff members who work there every day.

Bite Kitchen added more platforms like Facebook & Twitter, so everyone can see how great it feels inside this place at any given moment.

04 —

The Deliverables.